Warner University’s Loss of Student Athlete

Warner University’s Loss of Student Athlete

The Warner University family has been deeply saddened by the loss of one of our students today, Tuesday, October 8. 

Theodore “Boobie” Hammonds, a senior member of the football team collapsed after a non-contact football drill.  Members of the Warner University athletic training staff were on hand immediately and provided emergency care.  Polk County Emergency Services responded and transported Theo to the Lake Wales Medical Center Emergency Department. Unfortunately, Theo was not able to recover, and he later passed away at the hospital.

Warner University places the highest priority on the health and safety of its students and student-athletes.  Certified athletic trainers were on hand at the time that the athlete collapsed and provided immediate emergency care.  The cause of Theo’s collapse and ultimate death are not currently known, and it would be inappropriate to speculate regarding the cause of death at this time. 

On behalf of Warner University and our faculty, staff, coaches, and trainers, we offer our deepest sympathies and heartfelt prayers to Theo’s family, friends, and teammates in this difficult and uncertain time. We are devastated by his passing.  We have made a Warner University Care Team available to provide compassion, support, and counseling to members of our community.  We know that our students, coaches, and staff are in the hearts, prayers and minds of this community, and we thank you for your continued love and support.

We will share information about services as soon as it becomes available.

For those interested, there has been a GoFundMe account set up for the family: GoFundMe – Theo Hammonds

2018 Warner University’s President’s Society

2018 Warner University’s President’s Society

Thank you to all who supported Warner University between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018!

PONTIOUS SOCIETY $10,000 & above

A. Duda & Sons, Inc
Anonymous (3)
Kathy (Coder ‘81) and Ancil ‘83  Abney
Air and Electrical Services
Dan and Barbara Andrews
Ben Hill Griffin, Inc
Bottling Group LLC 
Tom and Mariellen Burdsall
Minyonne Burns
Chemical Containers
Church of God Ministries, Inc.
CRS Cattle Company LLC
Mike and Ann Darby
Laura Darby
Ben Hill Griffin, III
Katy Gukich
David and Joanna Hoag
Institute of Marine Technology
Laurel Lodge Enterprises, Inc
Larry and Anita Maxwell
MMI Dining Service
Laura  ‘03 and John ‘11 Motis
Harold Pontious*
Racy Gracy Cavallino, LLC
Michael and Lottie* Sanders
Heather and Darrel Shea
Heather (Blackburn ‘96) and Josh Snively
Charlie and Jane Stevens
Doug and Sue Stover
Ed and Myrtle Swindle
Larry and Debbie Swindle
Mary Ernestine Tye
Clay and Debbie Watkins
Karen ‘13 and Bobby Williams

BUILDERS CIRCLE  $5,000 – $9,999

Jane (Carrier’78) and Steve  ‘79 Allen
Bob and Lori Beckler
Ron  ‘79 and Becky Bower
Donald and Linda Garrett
Karl and Janelle Hall
Tommy and Lynn Oakley
Mike and Kim Picha
Quality Turf, L.C.
Terry and Rebecca Schanke
Carl Smock
Southeastern Power Products
Paul and Andrea Thies

ROYAL CIRCLE  $2,500 – $4,999

Richard and Evelyn Anderson
Big Brothers Big Sisters
CenterState Bank
Susan ‘94 and Jim Claussen
John  Crews
Tony and Debbie DiMare
G7 Ranch, Inc.
Robert and Doris Gukich
Hardee Ranch Supply, Inc.
Highlands Soil & Water Conservation District
Jack and Patricia Hoag
Cary and Marcia Lightsey
Lightsey Cattle Company
Jerry and Pam Mixon
Mosaic Global Sales, LLC
Nina Haven Scholarship, Inc.
Oakley Transport
Dudley and Sally Putnam
Robert ‘85 and Gail (Norris ‘85) Quam
Charles “Britt” Ratledge
Bill and Linda Rigel
Rodney and Sue Shafer
Vickie (Casey ‘81) and Mark ‘84 ‘18  Shaner
Jeff and Marjorie Sikes
Smart Scholarship Funding Corp.
Ronald and Judith Tietze
Tony ‘78 and Debbra (McAllister ‘78) Weiger
Wells Fargo
YourCause, LLC

NAVY & GOLD CLUB   $1,000 – $2,499

Agricon Equipment Co, LLC
David Bates
Brandon Ladies of Elks
Austin Britt ‘11
Paul Buehner
Jim and Barb Butts
Camp Lebanon Retreat Center
Canco General Contractors, Inc.
Virginia Chamberlain *
Citizens Bank and Trust
Art ‘78 and Suetta (Batchelor ‘78) Clawson
Bob and Joann Coates
Wayne and Lucy Anne Collier
Tim ‘89 and Christine Craig
Crystal Springs Preserve, Inc.
George  Darr
Joe ‘08 and Kathy DeHart
Denise Grimsley Campaign
Duke Energy
Brent Ellis
Executive Tours
Walter and Carol Farr
Pat and Gail Frankenburger
Stan and Mary Ann Fritz
Anthony and Debbie Gill
Vicky ‘04 and Dwight Graham
Charlie and Betty Grimes
Denise (Shumard ‘99) Grimsley
Wayne and Renita Halbleib
Greg and Patt Hall
Paul ‘98 and Margherita Henry
Charles and Cindy Henry
Karen (West ‘92) and John ‘95 Holman
Stewart and Michelle Hurst
Roger and Kay Ingley
Robin (Richmond ‘82) and Steve Jolley
Kevin and Tricia Jones
Wally and Nina Ketron
Judith Lewis
Bradley and Lynn Lind
Lonesome G. Ranch, LLC
Debbie (Macuch ‘83) and Sidney Finley
Mahalak Auto Group
Manatee Co Cattlewomen Assoc
Maxine McCall
Miranda McCoy ‘16
Meadowbrake Land Co. Inc.
Dean ‘92 and Dawn (Bradley’93) Meadows
Ruthie (Cravener ‘98, ‘03) and Jim Moyer
Allen “Biff” ‘77 and Jackye Nicola
Nitro Church of God Women’s Connection
Rob ‘09 and Leigh Ann Oakman
O’Connor Law Group, PA
Erica (Kristner ‘15) and George  O’Neill
George and Judith Picha
Jack and Louise Pitt
Polk Sheriffs Charities, Inc
Chris and Dawn Rafool
Gordon and Shirley Rafool
RallyAroundUs, LLC
Jim and Cheryl Rigel
Jan (Lovely ‘76) and George ‘76* Robillard
Lowell “Sie” and Julie Rupp
Nicole Schanke
David and Julie Selent
A. Grace Selent-Ratzlaff
Vic and Ann Story
Teamsters Local 79 Scholarship Fund Inc.
Robert Thomas
Dick and Mary Wagoner
Summer and Jeremy Walker
Jerry and Bev Weimer
Paizley Whidden ‘16
Melonie Whitney
Clarence “Rocky”  Williams ‘77
Glen and Cynthia Wise
JB and Leigh Ann Wynn



AgBuilding Opening Soon

Check out our new Agriculture Building Opening next week at Warner University.

My Adventure : Construction Update

My Adventure : Construction Update

Lots of updates and activity on campus this summer. Renovated residence halls, new Swindle Agriculture Complex, now we are building an Athletic Training Center.

Warner Under Construction

Warner Under Construction

There are some BIG changes happening around campus!

Such as, the MAJOR renovation of Spencer Hall: adding all new bedrooms, updated air conditioning, a new roof, outside patios and a whole new look!

The new Swindle Agriculture complex, being built for the 2018-2019 school year allows for a more interactive learning experience for all of our students. From four new large classrooms and labs to the livestock wing, equipment shop, and greenhouse, students will receive hands-on learning. Set to be completed this August!

The new 13,000 sq ft Athletic Training Center will give Duke and our athletes a new home! The ATC will house lockers for the WU Royals Football team, coaches’ offices, training facilities, showers, a weight room, as well as a cool, second-story balcony overlooking the new baseball field (below!)

The new baseball complex, soon to begin construction, has a two part appeal. The “Player Experience” includes a new clubhouse with a locker room, dugout, showers, offices, laundry facilities and media room. The “Fan Experience” includes a press box, concession stand, public restrooms, covered stadium seating, and box office. 

With big changes, comes big expenses! If you would like to be a part of the changes happening on our campus, support with a gift.

Every gift, no matter how big or small, makes an impact!



Dr. David Hoag

Dr. Hoag believes everything he’s experienced in life prepared him to lead Warner University. An expert in finance and fundraising with over 29 years in higher education, Dr. Hoag understands how to relate to and inspire students, faculty, and staff. He wholeheartedly accepts the WU Statement of Faith. And his relationship with Jesus Christ is genuine and dynamic.

Dr. Hoag shares his adventures with his wife and college sweetheart, Joanna. Together they have two beautiful daughters, Jamie and Joni, who are both married.