One of Warner University’s faculty members and legal counsel, Dr. Norman White, was recently recognized in the News Chief for accomplishing a very interesting feat: learning to play golf ambidextrously. Dr. White is one of a few golfers worldwide who has made the swing switch successfully. To read the full article, click here.

Dr. Norman White has been a member of the faculty at Warner University since 2002. He came to Warner after serving as a prosecutor, then trial attorney and partner in a prestigious law firm in the Lake Wales, Florida community for more than 37 years. Dr. White’s reputation is impeccably known throughout the state of Florida. He is an active member in his church and the community of Lake Wales, serving in a number of not-for-profit ventures. Dr. White was instrumental in helping to establish and oversee an “open community” healthcare clinic for persons not able to procure healthcare insurance.

As a professor of business law, he teaches a full complement of courses, advises students, services on committees, and spends considerable time with students outside the classroom. Dr. White’s students are positive about their interactions with him and the learning experiences in his classes.

He is the 2012 Warner University professor of the Year. This award coincides with the Carnegie Foundation, which is nationally recognized. The students, staff and faculty provide input into this process. This award represents achievement in teaching excellence at the undergraduate level. Warner began our involvement in this program in 1999 and continues to date. Dr. White has represented the faculty well in his role as professor of the year.